Patricia and Charlie have a wealth of experience that they bring to  ‘All Home Solutions’; they have three teenage children and have lived in the Wollongong area over 25 years.


Patricia is a qualified as secondary teacher and has previously worked as a TAFE teacher and in a family mixed business. She also has qualifications in drafting, photography and commercial cooking.


Charlie, her husband is a qualified surveyor and has security licenses and worked as a concierge and a security guard. He also has a medium ridged truck license. Charlie is currently a volunteer gardener for the Grevillea Park in Bulli and Dune Care in the Wollongong area.


Over the years Patricia and Charlie have renovated and maintained their family home, including their parents and friends houses. They are aware that there are a high number of young families and elderly people living in the Wollongong Area in big homes that need help, but can’t afford to have multiple trades to clean and fix their home.


Voila! AHS is a perfect affordable solution to this problem! 


AHS,  services can assist people to make better use of their living spaces without needing to move to another home.  Alternately, they can assist to prepare a home for sale and even with the preparation to move to another home, including disposing of unwanted items and rubbish. 


Patricia and Charlie understand the time constraints these days with families, where both mum and dad work, children activities that take up time, including looking after elderly parents. They have done it all! 


Let their skills, knowledge and expertise help you enjoy your living spaces again.  Freeing your home from clutter and disorder, make money from unwanted items and really enjoy your home and garden!

Our Skills and Experience:


  • Computer skills, typing, bookkeeping and business management skills


  • Home maintenance skills, repairs and renovations


  • Garden maintenance skills, Grevillea Park and Dune Care Wollongong Area


  • Visual Arts Degree, specialising in photography – photographing and video recording jobs


  • Architectural Drafting Cert IV - designing skills for remodeling homes


  • Practical, organising and time management skills i.e. Secondary Teacher


  • Multicultural backgrounds, understanding sensitive needs and expectations of various cultural groups.

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