Cleaning/Dispose Rubbish

Pickup rubbish where it lies and take it away, recycle where possible and dispose of it in the most cost efficient way. We effectively clean these areas leaving you with a house, yard, and storage areas ready for whatever you or your family needs to do with it. 


Our additional services such as Decluttering & Organising will open more space and access in your home and outdoor areas.

Decluttering & Organising

Declutter and organise your linen cupboards, kitchen, pantry, garage, study, shed, spare room, bedrooms, laundry and more to help you make the most of your living spaces. Take away any items allocated for charity or rubbish/items if it is not worth selling or giving away. 


We can also assist you to list and sell your unwanted items through sources like Gumtree or eBay. 

Tidy Outdoor Areas

General tidy around the front of your home and backyard, clean accumulated rubbish or dispose of unwanted items. Cut down overgrown bushes, limbs of trees blocking access, sweep paths, decks and patios. Store things that are lying around in the garage, shed or side of the house. 


Remove all cobwebs under eaves, windows and access doors, etc. Clean and store the rubbish bins out of sight.  

Minor Maintenance

Repair fly screens and door hardware, fix/install shelving, replace light globes and smoke detector batteries. Move and arrange furniture, modify furniture e.g. raising seats, beds and chairs. Lawn mowing and trimming edges of lawns, repairing fences and gates.  Replace showerheads and tap washers.


Inside - cleaning floors, walls, windows and also top of kitchen cupboards and wardrobes. Providing professional services for plumbing, electrical, glass repairs as required.

Packing & Unpacking

We can help you wrap, pack your items to move or store away.  We can provide self-packing where we provide all the materials or custom packing where we provide labour and materials. 


We can help you find movers for short distance, long distance or interstate. We can help you unpack and organise your valuables and furniture at your new location, help hang pictures and memories on walls.


Help Sell Your Valuables

After a clear out we can assist you sell your unwanted valuables for a little added income by listing them on line such as Gumtree or eBay. For unique pieces, provide contact with local expert and recognised antique specialists in your area.


Additionally, we can pack and send items via courier or Australia post after sales. We can also help store and label your valuables to later sell or do as you please.

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